Our messaging, conferencing, video conferencing and voice solutions go beyond two-dimensional remote meetings, providing the rich, immersive experiences workers need to stay productive anywhere.

We Can Help Your Team Experience Collaboration

Our work ethics are evolving just as quickly as the technology we use. But if your organization isn’t seamlessly connected across devices and platforms, fast can slow you down. To keep technology from bringing collaboration to a grinding halt, you need the right strategy that improves productivity, regardless of location, platform or device. At Linkserve Corporation, we take a user-centric approach to collaboration from one remote worker to 20,000, we can design a seamless customized solution that puts collaboration to work, driving real results while also helping you meet your goals.

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While various communication technologies have arrived to add new capabilities such as text, instant messaging, email and video, the foundation of voice telephony is still at the core of an effective collaboration solution. Your organization needs a fundamentally sound voice framework into which all other forms of collaboration can be built. Our experts can help you navigate this complex area and design a telecommunications solution that fits your current and future telephony needs. We start by determining how your users work and then customize a solution to both your user needs and your business goals.

Our Collaboration Offerings


Our enterprise collaboration consultants can meet with your functional teams and understand how they communicate and collaborate on a day-to-day basis. After looking into your current technology and investments, we will design relevant, effective solutions that will integrate into existing processes and infrastructure when possible.


Our experts will meet with your team to learn how you are currently using messaging and discuss your goals. Then our certified engineers will assess your network to make sure it is ready to accommodate additional data loads. After we’ve recommended a customized conferencing and messaging solution, we’ll guide you through the implementation, adoption and ongoing management of your new technology.

Cisco Spark Implementation

Microsoft Skype For Business Implementation

Microsoft Hub Implementation


Our consultants can help you define a collaboration strategy and roadmap that aligns with your business objectives and how your users work. We’ll help you look beyond individual vendors and get an understanding of how technology aligns with your objectives and the day-to-day needs of your teams — now and in the future.

Office 365 Management

In-House Data Centre Management

Cloud Application Management

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