Data Center

Data Center

A robust and reliable datacenter is essential for today’s competitive business.

At Linkserve Corporation, we can help you build a future-proof data center with solutions that include converged infrastructure, flash storage, next-generation networking and

virtualization that’s ready to support your changing workloads and organizational needs. Because with a flexible, resilient and efficient datacentre, you can support flexibility, resiliency and efficiency throughout your organization.

With Decades of experience on designing and building modular datacenter we can deliver a sustainable datacenter with less capital.

We provide a physical, virtual and cloud-based datacenter with rich networking functionality, hardware and software packages along with installation and customization

We value and understand your business, so with our prowess we can implement a datacenter with reduced risk and lower downtime.

Can deliver high performance processing storage servers in high density racks

High availability through multiple layers of redundancy, Advanced monitoring and incident response.

Capacity planning to accommodate your future growth.

Can deliver high performance processing storage servers in high density racks

Uninterrupted power supply to ensure power remains continuous in the event of short term interruption.

A high-speed robust fiber optic network connects services within the data centers

Backup powers Supplies provide backup for extended outages and planned maintenance

Deployment, Integrated cooling, Power monitoring, Security and 24/7 support for any environment in the world.

For detailed product description and design strategies kindly check with our advisory team.

Our team can help at every stage for our clients from “datacenter design & strategy to construction & management”. We access your environment, design the best approach, deploy your solution and manage it throughout its lifecycle.

Our modular approach to datacenter designs help us rapidly scale to meet new customer demands and our innovative use of resources improves efficiency and sustainability.

We optimize the performance of your networks to get the most out of your technology investments and help you build a data center for any environment in the world.

For your datacenter requirement and advisory, contact us at

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